Travel Insurance (COVID – 19 Covered*)
Let’s get you started on your travel insurance journey!
People travel for various reasons today – for studies, for work, or to have a memorable vacation with their friends and family. However, a lot could go wrong on the way. Your passport could be stolen, you may miss a transit flight, and – if the worst comes to the worst – you may be physically injured in a foreign land where you don’t know anyone and medical costs could be high. Such scenarios can be scary; the wise thing to do would be to plan for them well in advance. That’s how the idea of travel insurance came about. A good comprehensive travel insurance plan can take care of things that can go wrong, leaving you to enjoy your trip, worry-free! We at Tata AIG are committed to making your travel absolutely hassle-free. To do that, we offer four comprehensive travel insurance plans – International Travel Insurance, Student Travel Insurance, Domestic Travel Insurance, and Senior Citizen Travel Insurance. You can choose a plan depending on your travel patterns and needs